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I  can't stop smiling:D

I was pretty nervous!  Usually, when I'm making a piece, if I goof on something, I can start over as many times as I want or even come back to it later after I've thought of a different way to accomplish whatever it is that is tripping me up.  With a custom order, you need to get it right because the client is waiting.  With this one, I had it finished and was polishing.  Then I saw it.  A cloud behind the crystal.  I must've touched it or not gotten all of the cleaning solution off from the ultra-sonic.  So I started over.  Lesson ...check and recheck.  And I bought these great little cotton finger tip covers so I can keep the stones super-clean.  They look like little sweaters for fingers.

Shaker Ring #2.jpg

"Hi Dixie,

I received my shaker ring today, and it is EXACTLY what I wanted, and then some! I love it soooo much. Before I purchased your ring, I went to a high-end jewelry store and inquired about making this custom ring, providing my own diamonds in the crystal. Not only did they tell me they could not make it because they could not source the crystal, but if they did, it would cost a couple thousand dollars (even providing them my own diamonds)! I'm so glad I found you! I cannot wait to show it off and tell my friends about your shop! Thank you, Dixie. I will shop from you again! I'm a very happy customer! And you were truly wonderful to work with!  

The Shake Collection

Dixie Glassco
Garnet Shake Necklace-1 copy.jpg

The Shake Collection has been a labor of love.  I tried and failed to create this my first shake too many times to count.  I made a couple of necklaces that were 'passable' but I kept starting over until I made one that I could really feel good about.  I was on a mission and learned so many techniques along the way.  Then I started making them with different gemstones because you really can wear them with anything.  Next I'm thinking about trying rings and earrings.  I'll keep you posted;)